My strongest skills are curiosity
and love for challenges

I like making other people's lives easier and better – that's why I spent 15 years working in various parts of digital design and web development. Most of my professional interests revolve around user experience design, user research and team development. I always strive to learn new things and improve my core skills.

Apart from design, I enjoy climbing (bouldering mostly), slacklining, rollerskating, music, reading, taking pictures, watching movies, putting Comic Sans in my presentations, travelling and attempting to understand other people and cultures.

Bouldering, travelling, taking pictures

The first photo by Justina Lukošiūtė


I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since a very young age, I was interested in how things work and how people use them. I entered the design field in 2004 by helping various businesses with their printing and web design ideas.

I started studying at the university and got my first job at Carte Blanche Ukraine in 2005. As an interaction designer and web developer, I was responsible for web design and development, printing design, 3D modelling and even server setup and automation of routine tasks.

The trip to London in 2011 inspired me to explore wayfinding and navigation systems in public transportation which became the topic for my Master thesis.

The book The Design of Everyday Things of Donald A. Norman and Oliver Sacks's books pushed me to look at the design from a different perspective. I wanted to understand people's motivations better. That's why I enrolled in the User System Interaction programme at TU/e and moved to the Netherlands in 2012.

Meeting and working with many great colleagues with diverse backgrounds from all over the world changed many of my views. I believe that the world would be a better place if everyone would have a similar experience in their life.

That's why I joined Studyportals as a UX Designer and a first Scrum Master. We were just at the beginning of rapid growth and agile transformation which made it an exciting challenge.

To have more impact on the product strategy, I decided to become a Product Owner. I enjoyed that role a lot as it was challenging and fun. Soon, due to the fast growth and restructuring, I got an offer to lead the UX design team at the beginning of 2016.

Starting from 2 people, we grew to a team of 8. Thanks to the diverse backgrounds, we covered a wide range of topics like user research, user journey mapping, quality design delivery, design systems and design maturity.


Eindhoven University of Technology (2012–2014)

PDEng in User System Interaction

Fast-paced projects with TU/e, Philips, Nedap in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams involving: rapid prototyping, programming, brainstorming, usability testing, and other user research methodologies.

Design case: Airline Booking Flow Redesign at SAS.

National Aviation University (2005–2011)

M.Sc. in Multimedia technologies

Thesis titled ‘Means of visualization in navigation design in public transportation

Kiev Photo School (2008–2009)

Professional Photography
Travel Workshops


IDEO U (2018–2019)

Designing Strategy
Leading for Creativity