Navigation Design in Public Transportation

Bus Stop Navigation

Bus stop navigation stand

The aim of the project was research and improvement of urban navigation design. The study suggests how to fix certain incomprehensible navigation design elements in public transportation systems in Ukraine. The practical part of the work includes development of the graphic design of the layout of the bus stop’s information block and its 3D model.


Paper maps and schemes inspiration

Theoretical part of the work included in-depth analysis of the experience of the other countries in various fields starting from graphic design of public transportation stops and vehicles to printing production elements such as routes schemes and maps.

For better understanding of the main problems and practical results of the current research evaluation questionnaire survey was carried out.

Web Service

Route planner for public transportation prototypeAs a follow up of mentioned study was started a project for route planner for public transportation. This project became a testing site for various UI elements, information representation techniques and coding and programming practices.

User Research

Bus stand scheme fragment

During the course of the project users of the public transportation networks from Brazil, Italy, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine were interviewed online. Some of them sent pictures of the public transportation stops and commented on the issues they experienced.

The resulting proposal of the bus stop stand was evaluated with the same users and majority of the suggestions were implemented in the second iteration of the concept.