Hi, I’m Den!

Working as a Lead UX Designer at ASML
Former UXD team lead at Studyportals
Living in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Inspiring students to study abroad


Making core pages of Mastersportal more inspiring, digestible and visually appealing for millions of students.

user research design strategy design system visual design
New Mastersportal design for phones New Mastersportal design for desktop

Measuring user experience


Setting up a system for continuous measurement of the product usability, trustworthiness, loyalty and appearance based on the SUPR-Q questionnaire.

user research design strategy public speaking
SUPR-Q report in Confluence

Developing UX team organisation


Evolving the UX design team structure within an Agile environment. Transitioning from embedded to centralised partnership team structure. Collaborating on product strategy with the product owners and management.

leadership design strategy public speaking

User research & recruitment setup


Using various research methods to improve product discovery and delivery. Automating user recruitment.

leadership user research
Automated user recruitment diagram

Streamlining airline booking flow


Designing a smooth ticket booking flow to provide a positive online experience.

prototyping user research
New airline booking design on phones New airline booking design on desktop

3D landmarks for navigation devices


Modelling Ukrainian architectural landmarks for leading GPS navigation software.

3D modelling web design web development photography
3D landmarks for navigation devices