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Hi, I'm Den

UX Designer based in the Netherlands

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I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. From 2012 I'm living in sunny Eindhoven, Netherlands.
My strongest skills are curiosity and love for challenges. Most of my professional interests revolve around web service development and user experience design.

I spend a lot of time climbing, slacklining, reading, taking pictures, cargo cult debugging, bruteforce programming and laughing.

Other important things you need to know: I love white space and people endorse me for sarcasm and general awesomeness on LinkedIn.

This website is mostly used for experiments in design and coding. Stay tuned and you will see project updates and descriptions.


from 2016

UX Design Lead

Eindhoven University of Technology


User System Interaction Program

Graduated in 2014 with

PDEng Degree

Scandinavian Airlines
Booking Flow

Carte Blanche Ukraine


Interaction Designer & Developer

3D Landmarks



Interaction Designer & Developer

National Aviation University logo

National Aviation University


Multimedia Technologies & Publishing

Graduated in 2011 with

MSc Degree